The vegan food blog of someone who loves to cook and is mostly vegan most of the time.

But wait!  You say, what does ‘mostly vegan most of the time’ even mean?

It means exactly that.  I’m mostly vegan.  Most of the time.


But! You say, you’re either vegan or you’re not.

You’re right, I have been arrested by the vegan police multiple times.  I always seem to make bail.  They just can’t seem to make the charges stick!

But seriously.  I do consider myself vegan, even though I sometimes eat products which are simply vegetarian, are made with dairy products or eggs.  And I’ll even occasionally order a pizza with real cheese.

My reality is that I have been going vegan off and on for 8 years.  The more strict I’ve been the less I’ve been able to maintain a vegan or even partially vegan diet.

The system I’m currently working with, one that seeks to be kind to animals, kind to the environment and kind to myself has been the most effective and most sustainable.  In the long term I think I save more animals this way.

Do I wish I could do better?  Of course I do.  And I try to do better everyday.  For those who say veganism is not hard and to just do it, I admire and envy you.  But for me it’s harder.

So why don’t I call myself flexitarian or vegetarian as that would be a more realistic representation of my diet?  For three main reasons.

The first being that I feel much of the desire to police the vegan community comes from other vegans who seem to be more motivated by keeping veganism an exclusive and restrictive club than promoting animal rights and the message of veganism.

Secondly, and most personally, I believe in animal rights.  I consider myself vegan because I believe in the ethical values of veganism.  I may not be perfect in living those values, but my imperfection in my eating habits only reflects poorly on me, not the vegan message.

And that leads me to the third, and what I consider the most important reason I will continue to call myself a vegan.  Because it promotes the vegan message.  I don’t call myself a flexitarian because I don’t believe in that.  I believe in veganism.  I may not be perfect, but I think more important than my personal failings is promoting the message that veganism is the goal we should all aspire to.