Tomatoes on Toast

Simple and posh.  Tomatoes on toast can be dressed up as a savoury breakfast idea, an open-faced sandwich for lunch or a pre-dinner appetizer. Spread some mashed avocado over a rich toasted multi-grain bread, or a crusty white bread, put on sliced tomato, top with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and sprinkle with some finishing … Continue reading Tomatoes on Toast


Vegan Cucumber and Tomato Sandwich with Hummus

At first, the idea of a sandwich without a heaping of dead animal in the middle was a very strange concept (as if putting dead animal between two pieces of bread isn't strange, ohh society!).  But I finally cracked the code on some vegan sandwich options that go beyond the classic PB&J. This version is … Continue reading Vegan Cucumber and Tomato Sandwich with Hummus